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Mountain areas and hikes

On this page a short introduction of the visited mountain areas (in alphabetical order),
and the hikes in that area. Click on the photo for a diashow of them.
1. Abruzzo
The rugged Abruzzo lies in the middle of the Italian Apenine. Wild camping on a 'strange walk' by high mountains, a desert plain, gentle hills and farming country. (1997)
2. Albania
The border between North Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro is better known and more frequented by backpackers. Camping and hiking with luggage transport two-week nights at shepherds and in small villages (2016).
3. Auvergne
Hiking along ancient lakes and volcanoes. The undulating plateau of the Auvergne is part of the old French Central Massif. (2003)
4. Bergell & Veltlin
Alps Traverse from Maloja to Lake Como by Italian Bergell and Valtellina. The Val Màsino is famous for its granite climbing walls and the Val Malenco at the foot of Monte Disgrazia is a quiet, scenic hiking. (2011)
5. Bernese Oberland
A challenging trek across the flanks of main ridge in the Bernese Oberland, through a varied landscape of steep cliffs, meadows and snowy peaks of the Doldenhorn, Blümlisalphorn, Jungfrau and many others. (2014)  
6. Bernina
Glacier cruises in the beautiful world of eternal snow and ice of the Bernina Massif, on the border of Switzerland and Italy. (2004)
7. Bulgaria
In Bulgaria, south of Sofia, the rugged mountains of Rila and Pirin are straightening out over the steep densely wooded slopes. An extraordinary walk from the famous Rila monastery to monastery Roses. (2002)
8. Carnic Alps
On the border of Austria and Italy, the Carnic Alps. An elongated and diverse mountain range with stunning views to the Gailtaler Alps in the north and the eastern Dolomites in the south. A hut hike along the ridge, which we unfortunately only for a small portion were able to make. (2009)
9. Dolomites
The Dolomites are famous because of the surrealistic landscape and steep rock walls. A long distance walk along the Alta Via 1, a hike with many klettersteigroutes in the Brenta and trips in and around the Sella Massif. (1987, 1992, 1994).
10. Gran Paradiso
Near Mont Blanc and St. Bernhardpas nature is the Italian Gran Paradiso located, famous for its ibexes. A hike and climb up the 4,000-er. (1989)
11. Iceland
In a very active part of volcanic Iceland is the nature of Landmannalaugar with multicolored old volcanoes, hot springs and mountain streams. This was the starting point for a trek through Þórsmörk, with some (in Iceland rare) forests, to Skogar in the south. (2005)
12. Jotunheimen
The National Park Jotunheimen in Norway offers extensive hiking where regular -sometimes furious- rivers must be crossed. Outside the vicinity of the luxury cabins you hardly see other people. (2001)
13. Jura
A relaxing hike through the medium-high mountains of the Jura, with its cool forests and picturesque Gorges du Doubs. (1986)
14. Karwendel
On the border of Austria and Germany Karwendel, a diverse area with green valleys and sharp mountains of dolomite, a nature reserve. A spicy cabins trek along and over three ridges with steep cliffs and climb along the ridge. (2015)
15. Lake District
In northwest England, the National Park Lake District with rugged mountains, many lakes and an unprecedented variety of landscapes. Daytrips around Ambleside. (1989)
16. Mont Blanc
The Mont Blanc massif exercises for centuries attraction to climbers and is one of the most climbed mountains. The 'Tour du Mont Blanc' offers beautiful views of the massif. (1989, 1995, 2010)
17. Ortler
Snow and ice formed the backdrop to our glacier tours in Ortler-massif, located in the Parco Nazionale della Stelvio. Many animals and vast forests in the valleys. (1993)
18. Píndos
The Pindos is a little-visited region in northern Greece. Here is yet unspoiled nature, and hospitable villages where you can camp at the church. (2000)
19. Pyrenees
The elongated ridge of the Pyrenees on the border of France and Spain is a beautiful hiking. Five hikes from the Mediterranean Sea on the border along the GR 10, also in the Central Pyrenees, the Ordesa and Aigües Tortes in Spain. (1981, 1985, 1991, 1998, 2008)
20. Ticino
On either side of the Swiss-Italian border, the little amount Ticino (Ticino), with numerous lakes, green valleys and well preserved trails. Cabin trip in the Tessin Alps with many panoramic photos. (2007)
21. Val Medel
Near St. Gotthardpas in Switzerland are high and some of the beautiful side valleys Surselvadal, where the Rhine begins. Around the Val Medel we made a 10-day trip huts. Despite the central location it is hardly touristy. (2004)
22. Vanoise
The Vanoise in the Savoie is a beautiful, alpine nature with many hiking and climbing opportunities. Pralognan some from a three-day trips and hiking. (1988)
23. Vosges
The forests of the Northern Vosges, many marked trails and are very nice but quiet. From Wissembourg on the French-German border, we embarked on a seven-day trek hotel, mainly along the GR 53 (2012).
24. Wallis (Chamonix-Zermatt)
The Swiss Wallis (Valais) is strong and has many famous vergletsjerd 4000-ers such as Mont Blanc, Grand Combin, Matterhorn and Dent Blanche. The Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt is a classic glacier tour. Glaciers in many shapes, fabulous views. (2010)
25. Zillertal
The Zillertal is a fantastic valley coming out on the Inn in Austria. The 'Berliner Höhenweg' is a classic trek along cabins, green valleys and snow-covered slopes. (1996)
26. Mongolia
There is also information on a trip outside of Europe to find: walks in the Mongolian Altai. There are a series of maps of Mongolia and 10 panoramic photographs of the trip to see. (2006)
27. Nepal
Since 2011, a second trip outside our continent is published, namely the Kalinchok-trekking in Nepal. There are two maps of the area, a short trip description and 10 panoramic photos to see. (1982)
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